We at Beat Commander Studio are very proud of our facility and equipment. We pride ourselves on having the finest equipment and cutting edge technology available to the recording industry. It has been said of our studio to have the “best high-end microphones anywhere” and our 2 Yamaha C7 Baby Grand pianos, are top of the line quality. We also have the latest state of the art recording software. From our internal management team to the pool of industry musicians you will find that we are truly a state of the art facility in every sense and we are committed to making your recording experience the best it can be.


56 channel SSL 4048E/G+ analog mixing console mated with an Avid Pro Tools 40X40 HDX System and an Otari 2″ analog 24 track.
Monitors include: Tannoy 215 DMT II dual 15″ mains, ProAc Studio 100 nearfields, and Auratone 5C Supercubes, all powered by Hafler TransNova Reference Amplifiers.
A rack full of classic and neo-classic processors by Neve, Pultec, API, UREI, Chandler, Summit, Retro, Manley, Bricasti, Eventide, TC Electronic and Lexicon, complete the equipment compliment.
Instruments available for use in Studio include a 7’6″ Yamaha C7 grand piano, Hammond B3 organ, and Yamaha Recording Custom drums. Catamount’s elite collection of vintage tube mics, amps, and guitars is available for use.